What is the business hotel supplies?

How to purchase hotel supplies to provide hotels with exclusive services, including food service, room service and public services. So, how much do you know about business hotel supplies? Below, we may wish to know about the business hotel supplies! What is the business hotel supplies?

First, the product brief introduction: What is the business hotel supplies?

Hotel supplies are the general name for all kinds of utensils and articles needed in the production and operation of the hotel (including: restaurant supplies, kitchen utensils, guest bedding, lobby supplies, disposable rooms, bar coffee, cleaning products, detergents, hotels) Staff uniforms, daily miscellaneous items, etc.).

Features of hotel supplies:

  1. There are many types of industries involved, and the variety is complex;
  2. Focus on the shape and appearance of the craft, more fashionable and beautiful;
  3. It is simple, convenient, adaptable (no professional operation required), and has strong fluidity;
  4. No accessory supply and repair service (a few kitchen equipment with maintenance service);
  5. Most of these products are consumables and cannot be used as fixed assets;
  6. Generally, it is not a small object that is fixed in a building.

Hotel supplies and hotel equipment are two indispensable parts of the hotel’s production and operation. In the past, the hospitality industry was a traditional human service industry, and more technology and skills were passed on through mentoring. In the course of operation, simple and convenient tools and tools are also used to assist. Therefore, more use of hotel supplies.

With the development of economy and society, mechanical, electrical, electronic and other equipment have gradually entered the process of hotel production and service, resulting in a substantial increase in work efficiency and a more stable product quality. Hotel equipment has gradually become a large part, and is part of the hotel hardware alongside hotel supplies.

Hotel Supplies – Basic Requirements The basic equipment of the hotel room includes bed, wardrobe, coffee table, telephone, TV, alarm clock, and a minibar with a variety of drinks, alcohol and snacks. All charges apply. Pay when you pay.

Second, how to purchase hotel supplies?

With the increasingly fierce market competition, service-oriented, regional advantages, buyer resources, market size, brand influence and service level, etc., who can provide customers with convenient, fast and most valuable procurement services in the market Will be very popular.

On the road of development, hotel equipment supplies company should pay more attention to details and serve the needs of “surpassing customer needs and achieving customer satisfaction” to ensure customers can save time, worry, effort and money. Hotel equipment supplies.

  1. Fully collect and analyze market information

The market determines the price and must fully collect and analyze market information before purchasing.

2, cost control

(1) Quality control. In any case, the quality of the purchased products is always in the first place, which is related to the reputation of a hotel. In particular, food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, etc. should pay attention to its hygiene and preservation. In management, it can be divided into three levels of responsibility system, namely, the use department, the procurement department, and the receiving department of the finance department. For the quality, brand and sample, the use department has the absolute decision. If the quality does not meet the requirements, the use department can unconditionally request immediate replacement.

(2) Quantity control. Blindly increasing the quantity of purchased goods is undoubtedly a waste. The use department should make a plan for the order quantity according to actual needs. Can be divided into two levels of responsibility. Use department and finance department.

(3) Price control. The price is closely related to the quality, payment method, etc., and the price control should be based on the principle of “quality first, reasonable price”. Adopt a three-level responsibility system, that is, use department, purchasing department, and finance department.

What is the business hotel supplies?

3, the supplier

(1) Have a solid financial position. It is best to choose a supplier with solid financial capacity, because this will guarantee the level, quantity and delivery time of the hotel’s goods;

(2) Unification of quality. The selected supplier must be able to supply items that meet the hotel’s requirements, so that the hotel maintains a consistently stable level;

(3) Good reputation. Credibility is one of the important prerequisites for ensuring smooth cooperation between the two parties. It is best to choose suppliers with good reputation in the industry;

(4) Region. If the quality or quantity is acceptable, it is best to choose a local supplier, which saves transportation costs, and is easy to contact, so it is easy to check the execution of the contract at any time;

(5) Price. If all suppliers supply goods, quality, quantity and delivery time can meet the requirements of the hotel, the supplier should choose the one with the lowest price. If the quality conditions are different, they should consider it together with the purchase department, and negotiate and approve the supply that best meets the hotel requirements. Business

(6) After-sales service. If the purchased item is to be repaired in the future, pay special attention to this when selecting the supplier.

  1. Negotiation bargaining

(1) a small purchase;

(2) Source channels of supply;

(3) the price stipulated by law;

(4) The price list of the discounted;

(5) Tight market goods.

5, the process

Changing procurement methods and channels can also effectively reduce procurement costs.

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