How to maintain custom business hotel furniture?

How to maintain custom business hotel furniture?

Do you often travel? Are you satisfied with the hotel’s residence? In fact, a good business hotel must have a good business furniture provider.

A reasonable match with the hotel can create a comfortable hotel. Today, we have solved this problem! How to maintain custom business hotel furniture? This issue tells you the secrets of the maintenance of business hotel furniture!

How to maintain custom business hotel furniture?

1, to prevent dust;

Generally, the high-grade log hotel furniture made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc. has exquisite carved decoration. If it can not be cleaned regularly, the crevices in the small gaps will easily affect the appearance, while the dust will make the wooden hotel. The killer of furniture quickly “aging”. In normal times, you can use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the hotel furniture, and scrub the hotel furniture with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

2, keep moist;

The moisture of wooden hotel furniture can not be provided by moisture, that is to say, it can not be wiped easily with a wet rag. Instead, it should use professional hotel furniture care oil, which contains natural orange oil which is easily absorbed by wood fiber. It locks the moisture in the wood, prevents the wood from cracking and deforming, and nourishes the wood. It reproduces the brilliance of the hotel furniture from inside to outside, extending the service life of the hotel furniture. If the furniture is used for a long time, if there is fouling, it is best to scrub with salt water, which not only decontaminates, but also makes the rattan soft and elastic.

3, the rag is clean;

When cleaning and maintaining furniture, be sure to make sure the rags used are clean. After cleaning or wiping off dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth. Don’t be lazy and repeatedly use the dirty side, this will only make the dirt rubbing repeatedly on the furniture surface, but will damage the bright surface of the furniture.

4, care agent;

In order to maintain the original brightness of the furniture, there are currently two kinds of furniture care products: furniture care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent. The former is mainly for furniture made of wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber sheet, etc., and has two different fresh fragrances of jasmine and lemon.

The latter is suitable for all kinds of furniture such as wood, glass, synthetic wood or melamine board, especially suitable for mixed materials. Therefore, if you can use skin care products that have both cleansing and care effects, you can save a lot of valuable time.

Before using the wax and cleaning and maintenance agent, it is best to shake it first, then directly hold the spray can at a 45 degree angle, so that the liquid component in the tank can be completely released without losing pressure.

It is recommended that you gently spray the dry rag at a distance of about 15 cm, so that you can clean the furniture and clean it.

In addition, after using the rag, remember to wash and dry. As for furniture with fabric materials, such as fabric sofas and leisure cushions, you can use the cleaning and cleaning agent for cleaning carpets.

When using, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on a damp cloth.

How to maintain custom business hotel furniture?

5, avoid the sun;

If the fine wooden hotel furniture has been exposed to the sun, it is easy to partially fade, the wood is too dry, cracks, vines fade and dry.

How to maintain custom business hotel furniture? The decontamination method is very important!

Soap cleaning method Every once in a while, the wooden hotel furniture should be cleaned once. When washing, use a soft rag or sponge to scrub with warm soapy water. After drying, brush it with furniture oil wax to make it bright.

The milk cleaning method uses a clean rag to soak in the expired milk, and then use this rag to wipe the wooden furniture such as the table, and the dirt removal effect is very good. Finally, wipe it again with water, suitable for a variety of furniture.

The furniture that has been painted by the tea cleaning method is contaminated with dust. It can be wiped with gauze wrapped with wet tea leaves, or scrubbed with cold tea, which will make the furniture particularly bright and bright.

Beer cleaning method Take 1400 ml of boiled light beer, add 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams of beeswax, mix well. When the mixture is cooled, wipe it with a soft cloth. This law applies to the cleaning of beech furniture.

The white vinegar cleaning method uses an equal amount of white vinegar and hot water to rub the surface of the furniture, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. This Law applies to the maintenance of mahogany furniture and the cleaning of other furniture by the ink stains of the seedlings.

Do you know how to maintain custom business hotel furniture? Then take action!

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